Commercial and Residential Property Inspections


The purpose is to examine the accessible components and systems of the home or building. We do not move personal property, materials or any other objects that may impede access or limit visibility. Items deemed nonfunctional or otherwise unsafe by the Inspector will be described in accordance with the standard of practice. Because we use only licensed Professional Engineers experienced in mechanical and structural design our inspections exceed the standards set for the industry.

Performed with great efficiency and expertise our results are reported in writing, documenting the professional opinion of our Inspector in regard to your property upon completion of inspection. You will receive two exact written reports. This inspection report is not a guaranty, warranty, or insurance policy.



Residential Property Inspection Costs

One Building Consisting of:

Up to 1500ís sq ft $250.00

1600 to 2700ís sq ft $375.00

2800 to 4000ís sq ft $525.00

4100 to 6000 sq ft $750.00

Over 6000 call for estimate


Commercial Property Inspection Costs

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Fees do not include multiple buildings, added driving radius, extra visits or reports.